It’s cost and time efficient to conduct code reviews during a project’s design phase, rather than catching mistakes during or after construction. Nortech conducts reviews for architects, contractors, and owners to determine a project’s compliancy with state and local requirements as they pertain to fire and life safety. In New Hampshire, buildings are inspected for compliance with the New Hampshire State Building Code (RSA 155-A), specifically, the International Building Code (IBC) or the International Existing Building Code (IEBC). Buildings are also inspected for compliance with the New Hampshire State Fire Code (Saf-C 6000), including, but not limited to, the Fire Code (NFPA 1) and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101). The result of such an inspection is a report and list of recommendations to complete the project in accordance with applicable codes. Such recommendations may include the installation of active (fire alarm, sprinkler system, etc.) and passive (firestopping, hourly rated construction, etc.) fire protection systems.