Per IBC, Nortech completes all firestop inspections in accordance with the Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Firestops (ASTM E 2174). During an inspection, Nortech visually inspects all installed fire resistance rated assemblies. Destructive testing is performed on at least two percent of the firestopped assemblies, permitted they can be properly repaired after testing. Destructive testing is not performed on collars and cast in place devices. The result of such an inspection is a report which details the results of the inspection for each inspected trade.

Contractors must firestop penetrations in accordance with listed assemblies. Suppliers of firestop products do not have listed assemblies for all scenarios, including penetrations through brick walls. For such penetrations, the installing contractor must obtain an engineering judgement (EJ) to reference during installation. For these situations, Nortech provides the product supplier with a drawing and request form which details a protection scheme to maintain a separation’s hourly rating. The result of such request is an engineering judgement from the supplier which is used in lieu of a listed assembly.