Nortech Systems (Nortech) provided fire alarm design services to safeguard the mixed use building at 94 Portsmouth Avenue in Stratham, New Hampshire. The existing building underwent a change in use to include business, residential and storage occupancies. During this process, a new fire alarm system was installed to protect the property.

Throughout the project, Nortech provided assistance to the electrical contractor. It was the contractor’s first fire alarm installation. Therefore, Nortech provided walkthroughs to explain means and methods and detail system wiring. Prior to becoming an engineering consultant, Nortech installed fire alarm systems and is therefore qualified to provide such assistance.

The fire alarm system includes initiation by manual pull stations and automatic detection in the form of smoke and heat detectors. Once initiated, the system was designed to go into alarm and notify occupants of an emergency. Local occupant notification consists of both audible and visual notification. Devices are comprised of horns and strobes, including low frequency horns and 177 candela strobes in sleeping spaces. The fire alarm system was designed to annunciate at the fire alarm control unit and exterior annunciator. The system is also connected to a radio box to alert the local fire department of a fire scenario.

The fire alarm system was designed in accordance with the State of New Hampshire Building Code (RSA 155-A). Specifically, the International Existing Building Code (IEBC-2009). It was also designed to comply with the State of New Hampshire Fire Code (Saf-C 6000). Including, but not limited to, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (NFPA 72-2013) and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101-2015).