Nortech Systems (Nortech) provided engineering services to detail the work required to enclose the building’s boiler room in 1-hour fire rated construction. The boiler room walls are primarily constructed of double wythe brick, which provides the desired fire resistance rating. However, an investigation determined that the walls were compromised due to age, the use of dissimilar materials, improper firestopping techniques, and past alterations. The boiler room ceiling did not comply with any listed fire rated assembly, and therefore also had to be upgraded.

To determine how to firestop the boiler room’s penetrations, Nortech worked with Hilti to obtain engineering judgements (EJs). This process is required whenever a penetrant goes through brick. It involves submitting details for each penetrant and filling out Hilti’s EJ request form. Nortech proposed firestopping techniques for each scenario encountered within the boiler room.