Nortech Systems (Nortech) provided sprinkler design services to safeguard the offices at 136 Maple Avenue in Claremont, New Hampshire. The existing one-story building was modified, its footprint was doubled in size and a second story was added. During this process, the existing sprinkler system was modified to properly protect existing spaces while new pipe was installed to protect new spaces. Protected areas include horizontal ceilings of various construction, vaulted spaces and combustible canopies.

Nortech visited the site to view existing conditions. Nortech used this walkthrough to determine required equipment and draft a set of sprinkler drawings. A challenge for this project was the ability to incorporate new piping into the existing system as the existing riser was kept in a utility closet with a small footprint. The owner didn’t want to increase the size of the closet. Thus, Nortech was tasked with designing a new riser that could fit in the existing closet. By using the closet’s vertical space, Nortech was able to add two new sprinkler zones to the existing riser without altering the existing space.

The sprinkler system was designed in accordance with the State of New Hampshire Building Code (RSA 155-A). Specifically, the International Existing Building Code (IEBC). It was also designed to comply with the State of New Hampshire Fire Code (Saf-C 6000). Including, but not limited to, the Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems (NFPA 13) and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101).