Nortech Systems (Nortech) conducted a building code review, with respect to fire and life safety, for a community tool shop in Portsmouth, NH. The multi-use building includes wood working, metal working, machining, embroidery, electronics, blacksmithing, and automotive operations. Most of these operations were located in the same spaces. Thus, Nortech faced the challenge of determining how to organize the operations so they may exist without one person endangering another (hot work cannot be performed near combustibles, dust producing spaces should be enclosed, etc.). As part of the review, Nortech inspected and detailed the safeguards required for the previously mentioned operations, including the woodshop’s dust collection system to prevent dust explosions.

The fire and life safety review was based on applicable portions of the New Hampshire State Building Code (RSA 155-A), specifically, the International Existing Building Code (IEBC-2009). The code compliance study was also based on the New Hampshire State Fire Code (Saf-C 6000), including, but not limited to, the Fire Code (NFPA 1-2009) and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101-2015).