Free Codes for Design

Codes are used to regulate the design of buildings and systems. Design standards are updated every few years and it’s expensive to keep a physical copy of each. For design professionals, having a well-stocked library is the cost of doing business. However, for many, it’s cost prohibitive to buy a new document for each design inquiry. Luckily, the internet contains free resources for most codes and standards. These resources are great for answering code specific questions. However, for complex questions, it’s worth hiring a quality Fire Protection Engineer (FPE). Many codes are entwined together and thus one requirement may influence another. Click on the codes below to be brought to their specific free resource. Current code editions are detailed in the State of New Hampshire Building and Fire Codes.

State of New Hampshire Building Code (RSA 155-A)

State of New Hampshire Fire Code (Saf-C 6000)
New Hampshire Fire Code – Update

Written By: Mark R. Richards, PE

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