PowerPoint: Marijuana Growing, Processing, and Extraction Facilities

With the surge of interest in retail marijuana products, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the hazards associated with cannabis cultivation and extraction. If unchecked, these processes can become dangerous. Yet, cannabis production should not be feared. Most incidents occur in makeshift laboratories, when hazardous contents ignite and cause a fire or explosion. It is unlikely for an incident to occur in a professional setting. Thus, this presentation provides designs and protocols to help professionals safeguard Marijuana Growing, Processing, and Extraction Facilities.

For additional information, reference Chapter 38 of the Fire Code (NFPA 1). The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has added this chapter to help professionals design facilities that grow and process cannabis. Chapter 38 does not apply to dispensaries unless they include growing or extraction processes.

Written By: Mark R. Richards, PE

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